3 Pics a Day - Day 45

I had another commute home with a some time to kill before my bus arrived in Copley Square. It was about 6:30 on a Thursday, and it felt like most in the city had already left and were on their way home. It was relatively quiet, and the sun was casting a lovely golden light on everyone left in Boston.

The light and shadows created on the buildings and sidewalks was really speaking to me as I walked towards the bus stop. It was dramatic and beautiful. The city streets were so well lit, like a stage for everyone to walk across as we made our way to wherever we were going.

However, most people were busy with something else and totally unaware of the light. I can't blame them though, I've done this many times before too. Luckily, I noticed it today! And I was happy to be in the moment, to turn off the craziness of the day and enjoy this beautiful light in the city.