3 Pics a Day - Day 44

There's a house in shambles on our street that has always been a mystery to us and we recently found out its due to be demolished any day now. It's been slowly withering away since before my wife Ali and I moved onto this street. This house has always been a source of great curiosity for us. Who owns it? Is it vacant? Can it be restored? We've wondered about its past and future... but now we know its fate. 

There's no question about it - this IS the ugly house on our street. It's also the only abandoned house that I know of in Watertown. Myself and all the neighbors on our street treat this house like an unwanted step child. No one want's it here. It's an embarrassment and we are forced to live with it, often choosing to ignore it.

Despite this house's lowly status, I still find it incredibly interesting. It has a story and sometimes I like to think about the life it once had. This is true for any abandoned house I come across. I wonder how the house came to be abandoned. What were the circumstances that left this house without a family? It's the exact opposite of being homeless... This house has no one to call it home and it's slowly fading away. 

As I walked by this crumbling house today, I felt the need to pay my last respects. Iv'e often looked at this house with disgust, but today I felt a sense of respect for it and thought the least I could do was to document its last days.