3 Pics a Day - Day 46

We kicked off the weekend with our good friends Andy and Resa. A little wine and cheese on the patio set the stage for a night of great conversation and laughter and it wasn't long before Ali's hands caught my eye. Once I saw them zooming around, knew I had my theme for today.

I love the emotion that hands can add to a conversation and find it's always interesting to just watch a persons hands as they talk (as long as they are not talking to you). Ali has always been know for using extreme hand gestures when she talks... and I love that about her! As I looked around the table though I noticed that everyone was using some great hand gestures when they were talking.  It was fun to take a moment and try and capture different emotions being conveyed through the position and movements of everyones hands.

I don't remember what Ali was saying here, but loved trying to catch up to her hands as they moved. 

Resa talking about different groups of characters on the show "The 100".

Andy may have been wondering if there was any more bread in this moment...