3 Pics a Day - Day 53

It's Friday - the start of a long July fourth weekend and we just wrapped up a 7 hour car ride from Boston to Rochester. We topically need to stop at one or two rest stops along the way and during one of our stops I decided to treat Chelsea to some 50 cent treasures from one of those little toy dispensers you always see in grocery stores. We got some "trouncer bouncers". This is what we call these little supper bouncy rubber balls. It's a name that was given to them by Ali's sister when she was a kid, and the name has stuck ever since. 

As you can imagine... these bouncy balls are not much fun in a car. But once we got to my mom's house in Rochester, Chelsea was able to put the trounce bouncers thought their paces. These little balls of rubber may not look very impressive, but they are a ton of fun! Chelsea was throughly amused and amazed by their seemingly endless bounciness.

A rare moment of stillness. The trouncer bouncers are ready to be bounced. 

Here, we tried rolling the trouncer bouncers back and forth... Not as much fun as watching them bounce wildly in every direction. 

Look out Woodstock! This trouncer bouncer has your name on it!