3 Pics a Day - Day 52

Par for the course today... Working a bit late and I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for an Uber ride home. I often get these flashes of panic when it's the end of the day and I haven't taken any photos. However, I remembered that there are some really cool architectural features in the building that I work in and decided to snap a few shots before heading out the for the day.

This is the balcony that looks out to what used to be the main entrance hall of our building. It has so much character, but has been neglected in the past few years.

This was once the main entrance to our building... Now, it now acts as a sort of  back room and you can only leave through these doors. It has all the markings of a grand entrance, but no one really enters this way any more. Kind of sad. 

This is now the main entrance. Less impressive, but still interesting in its own way.