3 Pics a Day - Day 30

Today's images fall under the theme of what many professional photographers would classify as "spray and pray" photos. I took them on the run - while riding home - on a bike. It was the end of the day and I needed to get home quickly to pick up my daughter from daycare. (if you're late they charge you a dollar a minute). So, without any regard to composition, or focus I just held the camera up at various moments and just mashed the shutter button down while peddling myself home. If your thinking this sounds dangerous... well, technically it was... But, I had one hand on the handle bars at all times. :) 

Sometimes this is exactly what life is about though. If you think about it... when we're engaged in doing something exciting or new in our lives, we really have NO idea what we are actually doing, and don't have any certainty about what the outcome is going to be. But, we give it our best shot and hope that everything works out... And in some cases (if not most cases) we will at least surprise ourselves with the outcome. 

Today's theme is surprise yourself. Every now and then, go ahead and take a risk and see what happens. You're not always guaranteed to love the outcome, but you will have gained an opportunity to see things from a slightly different angle - from a perspective that you wouldn't have normally considered. I think it's totally worth it... as long as you keep one hand on the handlebars.

This is my first selfie on 3 pics a day. 

Always keep one hand on the handlebars!