3 Pics a Day - Day 28

Today was a Monday, and I got a text from Ali at a 6:14 that read "It's definitely a gin and tonic kinda night!" Enough said! I was ready for one too! I packed up my things and headed home from work.

Mondays are rarely fun days, that's nothing new. But, I loved how this text instantly made me perk up. Having a gin and tonic on the porch is a special ritual for Ali and I. This isn't something we do every day, but it is our go-to early summer treat. It signals the reflexes that help us kick back and end the day with a smile on our face, no matter what the day held. It encourages us to sit down and enjoy our back yard, and talk about the day.

We need these little rituals in our lives. These moments to sit, sip, talk and relax. They can change the the course of a day, and that was certainly the case on this particular Monday. 

I tried to take some "action" shots of me pouring. True to form - I captured myself spilling tonic. Anyone who knows me saw this coming.