3 Pics a Day - Day 42

I'm fascinated with this parking garage on Clarendon Street. It has 2 spiral ramps that cars can use to quickly get to higher any of its 8 floors. In essence it is a massive spiral staircase just for cars.

There a lot of photos of staircases shot from high or low perspectives. Looking at them from these angles can have a mesmerizing effect. It also can demonstrate the golden ratio - A formula for "divine proportion" that is best exemplified in the lines you see when cut a snail shell in half (which is something I have never done). 

Every day there are some food trucks parked hear to one of these massive ramps, and before stoping to get lunch, I decided to take some photos of this strucure. 

This is an exterior view of the ramp which is near the food trucks. I love how the shadows move across its curved yet highly textured surfaces.

A view from the top. The spiral is so large it's can easy disorient you when looking down it. The ramp is 8 floors high.

Here's a shot from inside. So many cool lines and textures! 

This is a famous image made by Martine Frank that I always think of when looking at staircases.

Martine FRANCK, Children's Library built by the Atelier de Montrouge, Clamart,, 1965
© Martine Franck/Magnum Photos