3 Pics a Day - Day 41

It was father's day today and I was showered with many gifts of love and appreciation. I received cards, original art work accompanied by a happy father's day song, a romantic Barcelona themed diner, and a family picnic by the water. All of these moments and gifts made my heart swell, and feel so blessed just to be a dad in the first place. 

These two beautiful ladies are by my side through good days and bad, and have filled my life with ridiculous amounts of laughter and love. I know today is suposed to be about thanking dads for all that they do, but I feel like I'm the one who should be doing all the thanking.  

Giggles for desert - Ali and Chelsea are being silly during our picnic on the dock at the community boating center.

A nice quiet moment for Ali. 

This is Chelsea's first performance at the Hatch Shell. Definitely an un-expected sight to see this very weathered piano next to some park benches. Chelsea jumped at the chance to play the oddly tuned and badly warped piano.