3 Pics a Day - Day 39

My Friday commute home was delayed slightly while waiting for a bus at Copley Square. There's a farmers market on Fridays which was in the process of closing down for the day. There were about 20-30 stands all packing up and I decided to take a quick walk around the square to take a few pictures.

It was clear that everyone around me was feeling the same thing as me - we were all ready to go home and get the weekend started. The farmers market was a mix of half empty stands with vendors packing up their goods and commuters shuffling through the chaos as best they could. There were a few last minute transactions, including one from me... The smell of fresh strawberries was just to much to resist, so I picked up a quart before heading back to the bus stand. 

As I walked back I noticed that everything around me was in a mini transitional state. Everyone was done for the day, and doing what they needed to do to get home. There seemed to be an equal mix of excitement and exhaustion in everyone face, and this was the theme that ended up coming through in the photos I chose for today. 

I loved the clarification of the sort of help needed on this sign hanging on an un-manned cart.

3 vendors from the farmers market had to quickly cram them selves into this truck which was sitting at a bus stop. It was like they just robed a bank and needed to make a quick getaway. 

And, the bus ride home... our wait is almost over.