3 Pics a Day - Day 38

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with cooking dinner after getting home from work. Actually, love & hate might be too strong... can I use the term like/dislike? 

I really do love to cook! I find it relaxing to prepare a meal, to focus on each step and watch the food transform into something delicious. However, cooking when I get home from work is also the last thing I want to do. It feels so daunting! But, If I can get over that initial hesitation I know the part of my brain that enjoys the process will quickly take over. 

Along with starting dinner, taking todays photos was also a bit hard to get started on too. I just wasn't in the mood for some reason. Nothing caught my eye enough to stop and shoot it. Before I knew it the day was ending and I needed to find something! I thought - well... I need to make dinner, so I can shoot that. So yeah, I did 2 things that I didn't really feel like doing at the same time. Sure enough, once I started doing both I felt the love come back.

Prep work is the most tedious part of cooking, but it's the part I love the most. Yes it takes time, but it's the only part in the cooking process when you are really taking care of, and appreciating each ingredient. 

The recipe didn't call for wine, but a glass of wine while always pairs well with cooking. 

It's all coming together now! I love the combination of colors, textures and smells in this dish. Here I have potatoes, apples, onions, almonds and kale just about to be placed onto a dish, and will top them with a pice of seared chicken.