3 Pics a Day - Day 34

A busy weekend comes to an end and I thought I'd continue practicing my studio portraiture. I'm experimenting with flash, gels and just playing around with different looks. Ali graciously agreed to be my model for this shoot and together we made history! Ok, well not history exactly, but we did have some fun. 

Truth be told, this is my first time doing a shoot like this and it's much harder than you may think. Posing someone and trying to create certain look forces you to get creative with light and color. I like what we captured here, but I know I am just scratching the surface with what is possible, and am excited to keep going! Plus, I have an awesome and beautiful wife!

I like the dramatic light and shapes created in this shot. I used a snoot to light Ali's face... Ali thought that "snoot" was a funny word. She's right, it is a funny word. Onward...

Don't mess with this version of Ali. Seriously, just walk away.

This one is my favorite shot from the day. Ali's most notable trait is her fun curly hair and I though this captured that trait really well. 

I just had to include this 4th shot. it was an unintentional side effect of my main flash not going off - the rear flash backlit Ali and produced this cool silhouette effect. Glad it worked out!