3 Pics a Day - Day 33

In addition to diner breakfasts, birthday parties are also common events in our lives. They give me a ton of opportunities to take photos of adorable kids, and practice working with fast moving subjects. However, I'd feel like kinda like a creeper posting lots of pictures of kids at parties all the time. So, to avoid this, I tried to search for a theme within the party.

There were several moments where Chelsea would dart away from the everyone to just bask in all the cool things that were around her. She'd get so excited and couldn't contain herself. She would try and play on as many things as possible, as fast as she could. And this was before having any cake!  

Often when kids are this wild we wonder where they get all their energy from... and we wish we had some for ourselves. Chelsea is really just starting to learn what her body is capable of. How fast she can she run, how high she can jump, and whats the best way to climb up on a rock. She's growing as well, so when she discovers what her body and mind are capable of, her ever changing body becomes able to do something more! Thats exciting for her, but a little scary for me. Today's theme is discovery.

That little girl was trying to keep up with Chelsea for a little while. I think she was impressed by Chelsea's quick moves. 

This happened for a good 10 minutes. 

The best part of learning to climb this rock was getting to jump off it and do it all again.