3 Pics a Day - Day 55

Recently Ali unknowingly embarked on a continuous string of "move goals" and her record is now somewhere over 50 days. Its one of the weird side effects of having a wearable device that tracks your every move. Ali is particularly keen on meeting each days goal and will sometimes end up doing jumping jacks at 10pm in order to burn her last 10 calories. 

Today before dinner, Ali looked down and noticed she was a bit behind and decided take a quick walk around the neighborhood. It was our last day visiting my mom and I decided to join her so Chelsea spend some alone time with her Grandma.

There's something about an afternoon walk, especially in the cool summer evenings, that can totally recalibrate and invigorate you. Our little journey only took about 15 minutes to complete, but it left me feeling more awake and ready to enjoy the evening. Not to mention, it was a perfect moment to hang out with Ali alone and just be silly together.  

Checking on her progress Ali makes a rough estimate on hitting her goal n about 15 minutes.

We are totally in synch right now. :)

Hey! I just met all 3 move goals for the day... Notice Ali is still walking in front of me at an accelerated pace looking to burn those last few calories. Go Ali! I mean... WAIT UP!

At one point I wanted to take a candid selfie and tried to shoot a photo while looking like I was un aware of the camera. Apparently my un-aware face looked totally ridiculous and it made Ali laugh out loud. She was right, it looked very silly, so we made fun of my serious face together. :P