3 Pics a Day - Day 25

It was a gray but warm Friday... And there were a bunch of oddly opposite things happened to me today.

Yay, because it was both warm and Friday.  But meh, because it looked like it could rain at any second. Whops, the camera I usually use to shoot with every day was left on and the battery is completely dead. Phew,  I can totally get by with my iPhone. Eek, I have a client presentation today and worked till after midnight last night. Oh boy, coffee is going to be amazing today. 

It was clear to me today that I just needed to go with the flow. Speaking of flow... I ride to work right next to a river! AND BOATS! Those people are kind of going with the flow too (as well as current or wind). So yeah, the theme has been selected. YAY!!!

I'm also going with the flow on my image editing for these photos. The muted blue colors seemed tofit with my overall mood today. And I love the pop of red in the first and second images.

No red on this one... but I liked the composition on this image quite a lot. :)