3 Pics a Day - Day 50

My goal is to take 3 pictures on a random theme for 365 consecutive days. When this idea first popped into my head I knew it was an ambitious goal. I knew it was going to be much harder to do than it sounded. At the same time I got overwhelmed with a feeling of soul warming joy. That's inspiration at work.

Inspiration is a little spark of excitement, curiosity and wonder that appears with out warning. It happens to everyone and can last for just a few seconds, or it can last a life time. When it hits, you're faced with a choice... Will you be compelled to act on the inspiration? Or, will you put it aside... maybe for another time... maybe for never? What ever you choose to do with your inspiration - it's ok. The important thing is to acknowledge it when it happens. Be thankful for the fact that something inspired you before you move on to the next thing in your day. Encurage a dialog with inspiration and all that it brings. The joy and the fear, the known and unknown, the reality and the possibility. Also, let your self say yes every now and then; it's important to have a ballance of yes's and no's. 

So this brings me to day 50! A small milestone, but something that needs to be acknowledged. I said yes to my inspiration 50 days ago and have stuck with it. However, I started out today feeling as though I might be wasting my time on this project. I was having some doubts - which is normal. I just wasn't sure if this project is getting out of ballance, is it taking too much time away from other important things in my I life. My family, my job, my sleep. These are all Imporant things! 

As usual, my wife Ali could tell something was up. We talked quickly in the kitchen before heading to work and dropping Chelsea off at pre-school. I told her what was going on in my head. I thanked her for being so patient and supportive. Our conversation made me feel better, but I was still unsure. My camea sat in its bag all day. I worked late and had to take an Uber home because I missed the last bus. I was not feeling inspired at all today. Then I opened this email from Ali.

After reading this email from my wife, my inspiration came back, shiny and new. 

I wonder what inspires my Uber driver, Jean. He was quiet but seemd quite relaxed as he made his way through the traffic on Storrow Drive.

A bit of stop and go traffic allowed me to take a shot of this guy fishing. I wonder what he hopes to catch. Is he going to eat it? What happens if he doesn't catch anything today? 

A long winded post today, but I thought it's important to document the highs and lows of this project. I also thought it's important to note that inspiration needs love and support to survive - from both yourself and thoes who love you... It's not enough to just say yes. Today, Ali reminded me that inspiration takes you down a path towards a goal, but it's a jurney. It's important to stop and acknowledge how far you've come every now and then. As Ali put it: "Here is where you take steps which are filed by wisdom from your previous experiences."