3 Pic a Day - Day 31

Today we head down to Providence for our monthly wine tasting. And, much to Meghan Trainor's dismay, our wine tastings are not all about dat bass. They're all about dat wine. 

We've had the great fortune to go to these wine tastings, hosted by our good friends David and Kristin, for over 10 years. It's true that we've learned a lot about wine in this time, but more importantly, we've learned to hone our senses.

We taste all the wines blind, and have to feel our way around each glass. We have to ask questions using our sense of sight, smell and taste. It's not easy at first, but over time you start to get really good at it. It takes the experience of tasting to a whole other level because you learn to identify specific aspects of wine that appeal specifically to you. 

There are many silly stories and good times that happen at our wine tastings. But I need to hone in on a theme for today... which is just that - focus. More specifically, the kind of focus that is fueled by passion, curiosity and excitement. It's a beautiful thing!

This image reminds me of a famous line that Ali shares with new tasters - "before you are 6  glasses..."

David's passion for wine is infectious. What's more, is his passion for sharing his love of wine. Sharing the experience of wine with others is his calling in life, and it's a beautiful thing to witness. David blogs about wine and our monthly wine tastings here: www.davidjohnhansen.com.