3 Pics a Day - Day 22

I start every day not really knowing what the theme for my 3 photos will be. I like the mystery and spontaneity of it this way. It's more interesting to go out and hunt for a theme, and see what catches my eye each day. Today's theme was a bonus because it actually became 2 themes by the end of the day.

It started with a flock of Cormorant. They are always perched on a hose - used for pollution control on the Charles river. I ride by them every morning and make a mental note that I'll take a shot of them one day... Actually, I did try one day but got too close to the river and scared them all away. Ops! 

Anyway, the Cormorant were really back lit and I thought maybe it'd still be a cool black and white image. So that became my theme... subjects that were backlit and had a lot of contrast. A short time later I saw some guys on a roof in back bay. Eventhough they were very far away I still snapped a few shots just to see what I got. At one point the guy on top of the chimney spread his arms out and I thought that was kinda cool in a "I'm king of the world" kind of way. 

Cormorant's have a squat, sleek body that submerges almost entirely below the water’s surface when it swims in the river. It easily identified by its bright orange beak.

He's king of the world...

The last shot was sort of a fluke. On the way back home I spotted a guy slacklining - with the sun setting behind him! A perfect back lit shot. I got a few shots of him and off I went. However, when I began reviewing all my photos from the day I realized that I had 3 different subjects that were both back lit AND had their arms sticking out to the side. I thought that was kinda random and cool at the same time.