3 Pics A Day - Day 7

Ok, I managed to keep this going for a week. I think thats cause for celebration. Yay! 

Day 7 happened to be a Monday, and a busy Monday at that! The day had mostly past me by, and nothing was coming to me... I was starting to feel the pressure. I took a few pictures as I was riding on my bike (People in front of me - A theme I may try to do one day). However, the shots were blurry and I realized I needed to change some settings on my camera. But, I also needed to get home to pick up my daughter from pre school!  

There was something cool about the blur though, so I went with it. I like the way you could still make out what was happening, without the focus. It also matched the feeling I had today, rushing to try and get a start on my photos for the day.